Interclub events

Interclub Events are designed to allow our Academy aged players (U8-U12) to be able to play in a small sided format in a low pressure environment.  These events are free for our Academy players to attend.  We encourage our 11v11 players to come out and ref these matches to help develop them into future referees. This benefits the players it allows for more touches on the ball and the chance to play with new teammates and make more friends!

Interclub events common questions and answers

How often do interclub events occur?
-Typically satellite clubs can hold their own internal events, but on a Coastal level we look to do one per season with all the Academy members involved.
What ages participate in these events?
-Players that are in the Academy set up at the clubs, for the 22/23 Season this is 2015-2011 birth years

How long does an interclub event last?
-These events usually last two hours and typically take place on a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon
Do the players compete for anything?
-While we believe in allowing the players to have fun and meet new friends, we do keep a score internally and allow each team to participate in a tournament after all teams play each other.  Allowing the players to compete at this age helps develop the competitive drive we strive to have in our older teams.
What do the players wear to these events?
-Players should simply wear their training gear when attending these events


interested in being a part of coastal rush?

If you’re interested in being a part of Coastal Rush simply go to the form that says “Inquire Here” and this will allow Coastal Rush staff to set you up with the appropriate satellite club.


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