Hi Coastal Families, If your child is a Sophomore or older, they now have access to our Coastal Rush College Program.

Players who are interested in playing soccer in college have the opportunity to get 1 one 1 support from the leadership team at Coastal Rush. There is a 3-step process in place to help members of all Coastal Rush Clubs. 

Step 1) Complete the Form on this page. 

Step 2) Private 1-on-1 meeting 

Step 3) Once all the paperwork, highlight video, and social media assets are completed, you will set up a time to meet with Coach Bill/Coach Felipe on the boys side. Coach Dustin/Coach Joe on the girls side. At this level, your player has done all the required work and the team at Coastal Rush can help put the player in touch with soccer programs that match their ability and school requirements. 

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to our College Coordinator, John-Michael. His information is below. 


College Recruiting Coordinator

John-Michael Guidroz
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (850) 503-3385

John-Michael is here to help Coastal Rush players use the Rush College Recruiting tools in their college process so it can be as smooth as possible. He will be helping players compile their  highlight videos, how to send coaches emails that stand out, what to look for in a program, and more. Please reach out to him with any questions you  have about the recruitment process or college soccer in general.

He played at Perdido Rush/ Coastal Rush for 10 years. Over his career he was selected to participate in the ID2 training program, was on the Region III ODP team, and was selected for the US Soccer Id Combine. He spent his college career at St. Bonaventure Uni. in the A10 Conference and is now currently at the University of West Florida in the Gulf South Conference. Internationally, JM was rostered with the Guam’s Men’s National Team in 2022.

Below, you can see the slides that JM will review with the Coastal Rush players during their 1on1 call.